O2 Unlock Code UK, IMEI Factory Unlock O2 Mobile Phone Network
O2 Unlock Code UK, IMEI Factory Unlock O2 Mobile Phone Network

O2 UK Network Unlock Code


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O2 unlock code generator for all UK handsets excluding iPhone. Unlock your O2 mobile phone to use any network service.

Easy as 123:
1. Choose handset manufacturer
2. Click on the ‘buy now’ button
3. Add your IMEI at the checkout

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Get using the network you want with our great value O2 unlock code service

If you’re currently locked to O2 and want to use a different network this is the service you need. This network unlock service will generate a universal unlock code for any handset locked to O2. In 1-5 days we will email you your O2 unlock code straight to your inbox. Why stay locked to O2 when Netpal can get you unlocked cheaply, quickly and safely?

Features of this O2 network unlock service
Logo O2 Logo
Network O2 UK
Service Network unlock code (NUC)
Result Use any SIM card from any network
Manufacturers Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, Nokia, Blackberry, Google, Huawei, ZTE, OnePlus, Alcatel
Handsets All phone models
Permanent Yes
Waiting 1-3 days

All you need to do is enter the O2 unlock code into your handset and you’ll be fully factory unlocked. As a consequence, you’ll be free to any SIM card from any network. This applies not just to UK networks but worldwide. Buy your IMEI based universal unlock code today.

Important: This service is for all handset models other than the iPhone. You cannot unlock your O2 iPhone using a code. An iPhone has to have the IMEI whitelisted in the Apple database. Unlock codes work for Samsung, HTC, LG, Nokia, Motorola, Huawei etc…

Frequently Asked Questions for our Phone Unlock Codes.

Here we have attempted to answer as many questions as possible about our phone unlocking service using a code. If you have a question that you don't see the answer too use the form on the contact page and we'll get back to you usually within a couple of hours.

Each network and phone manufacturer unlocks in a different way. Most codes come from the far east where they set the prices for each network and device.
It’s important that you understand that once we have submitted your IMEI to the unlock server we cannot cancel your order. We give you 2 hours to cancel before we submit your IMEI. We have to pay to add your IMEI to the unlock server so we cannot cancel after that. If your code fails we provide you with a refund anyway.
Absolutely yes. If your unlock code genuinely does not work we can offer you a full refund or a new code. We may need you to upload a video that shows the code failing to be 100%.
This is easy. In most cases all we need from you is your phone IMEI number. For a small number of unlocks we may need your phone serial number but most of the times that’s not the case.
Your IMEI number or International Mobile Equipment Identity is a 15 digit number that is unique to every GSM network cell phone.
In most cases obtaining your IMEI is easy. Just type in *#06# into your dial pad and press call. Your IMEI should then show up on the screen.
Absolutely – yes! Our phone unlock codes do not interfere with your handset in any way. You just enter the code and you’ll be able to use any network. It doesn’t affect your warranty or anything else.

Learn More About Netpal™ and the Services we Operate.

NetPal™ is a small business that delivers a range of phone network solutions to customers and businesses around the world. As an internet based business that primarily delivers digital solutions we are firm believers is providing 1st class customer service.

What network services do Netpal™ provide?

As well as mobile phone unlocking Netpal™ provide a range of customer and business orientated mobile network solutions. Netpal™ is a provider of network solutions that cover all aspects mobile phone usage. Our network services cover:

  • Network checks
  • iCloud services
  • Find my phone
  • Phone unlocking
  • Apple checks

In addition to a wide range of digitally delivered services Netpal™ also offer the latest SIM interposer chips for people looking for a low cost method of unlocking their iPhone.

The R-Sim range of SIM interposers are a cheaper alternative to IMEI factory unlocking are are generally suitable for customers who are visiting foreign countries for short periods.

We can unlock any UK O2 handset on any network.

This unlock code service applies to all handset models and manufacturers that are locked to the UK O2 network. This does not however apply to Apple devices as they are unlocked differently and do not allow codes.

  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • HTC
  • LG
  • Motorola
  • Microsoft
  • Blackberry
  • Google
  • Huawei
  • OnePlus
  • Alcatel

The NetPal™ Money Back Guarantee.

NetPal™ guarantee to unlock your phone or your money back. It’s that simple.

Sometimes your unlock may fail. For example, if you pay for an unlock service that only has an 80% chance of successful completion your unlock may fail. In that instance we will provide you with a full refund.

We will also refund you if we tell you that you're unlocked but the unlock isn't working. Generally, if this happens we will conduct a GSX check or unlock code check which can take up to 48 hours to complete.

If the results of the check show you are not unlocked, we will provide you with a full refund or offer to re-submit your IMEI to an alternative unlock server.

Where we might charge you.

Sometimes a blocked or barred imei number is submitted that doesn’t get picked up by our Checkmend check. Additionally you may choose the wrong network or phone model. If for any reason your unlock fails because the IMEI number is blocked or barred or you've purchased the wrong unlock for your phone model or network we may charge you a fee of £4.50.

This is to cover the expense of administering and processing your failed unlock. Please ensure your IMEI is not from a phone reported stolen or possibly barred.

Where we cannot offer you a refund.

It's important you understand that we do not unlock your phone ourselves. All unlocks are processed by a global unlock server. We have to pay to enter your IMEI into the global unlock server and only make a few pounds for each customer we find.

It's because of this we cannot offer you a refund before your IMEI is fully processed by the unlock server. If your unlock fails we automatically refund you.

Additionally, you may believe you are not unlocked when our GSX check indicates that you are. This may be due to you not following the final steps to complete your unlock. If this happens we will provide full support until the issue is resolved.

If you have purchased an unlock code in some instances we may ask you to provide video evidence that the unlock code does not work. This is because we will be unable to approach our supplier for a refund until they can see that the unlock code does not work.

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