If you’re looking to unlock your Motorola phone for free you may be in for a little shock. Unfortunately there is no such thing as a free unlock. In fact, we conducted research across dozens of websites claiming to offer a Free Motorola Unlock Code Generator.

What we found was that not one of these websites was legitimately offering to unlock your Motorola handset for free. What they actually did was push you towards their Motorola unlock code service. Of course, that was inevitably a paid for service.

Why can’t you have a free Motorola unlock code generator?

The reason for this is simple, almost all Motorola unlock codes are actually generated by the large networks or Motorola themselves. All other codes are generated by hooking your Motorola handset up to a computer. Any PC running the latest Motorola unlock code generator software package such as the Chimera tool can get you unlocked.


Example of the Chimera tool for unlocking Motorola handsets

What does a Motorola unlock code actually do?

When you enter the code into your handset it will in 99% of cases release you from the network you are currently locked to. This is usually called a SIM unlock code or PIN unlock code. whatever it is referrer to as it should do the same thing.

How to enter your Motorola Unlock Code:

  1. Insert a SIM card from a different network
  2. Now switch on your handset
  3. The screen should display ‘Enter Special Code’
  4. Enter your SIM unlock code

Your Motorola handset should now be unlocked.

Is it even possible to unlock your Motorola handset for free?

In our experience it is not possible to unlock your Motorola phone for free. What we did see on one website was an offer to provide a free unlock code. This however, was in return for signing up for a deal with some other company.

That could have cost you anywhere from 50-100 quid. Consequently, buying the code would probably have been cheaper in the long run.