Why attempting to unlock your Samsung phone you may come across a few snags. One of the most prominent is when you are confronted with the Samsung PUK code screen. Getting stuck on this screen can for many people render the mobile phone unusable. The primary reason for the PUK screen stems from entering the wrong unlock code too many times.

With Samsung handsets you only get 3 attempts to enter the correct network unlock code. Sadly, many people do not know this and so mess about with the handset and try to guess the unlock code. If this sounds like you, this informative guide will help you bypass the Samsung PUK code screen and unlock your phone so you can get using the network you want.

What is the Personal Unblocking Key or PUK code?

Occasionally referred to as a personal unblocking key or personal unlocking key, your Samsung PUK is an 8 digit numerical code that secures your handset. This is the same whether you are locked to EE, Vodafone or O2. The PUK can work in conjunction with a SIM PIN code. You can find out more about your Personal Unblocking Key here.

How many times can I enter a PUK?

You can enter the wrong PUK code up to 9 times on a Samsung handset. On the 10th time the handset will become permanently blocked and unusable.

Why do Samsung phones only allow 3 attempts to unlock?

Sadly, this has been done for decades and the function is built into the firmware of the device and usually installed by the network provider. This provides the mobile network with some level of piece of mind ensuring that new pay monthly customers can’t just start using a SIM card from a different network.

Another reason for this restriction is to ensure the network provider can get their return on investment. Most smartphones on pay monthly contracts are subsidised. As a result the network wants to ensure you pay off the contract before you switch network.

Can you bypass the Samsung unlock screen?

There are many companies that offer software that purports to bypass the network firmware and so bypass the unlock screen on Samsung smartphones. The video below is just one example of these types of software in action. We would only recommend people with advanced technical skills to attempt this process.

Methods available to bypass enter SIM network PUK screen.

If you don’t have your Samsung PUK code there are a number of options open to you. For many owners of a Samsung handset that was purchased second-hand you will only have one option available.

Method 1. Purchase a premium unlock code service.

If you are unable to access the original SIM pack or box the handset came and are not still under contract there is no way to get your PUK code. Consequently, you will need to purchase a Samsung unlock code service that will provide an 8 digit DEFREEZE or UNFREEZE code.

When you enter this new code it will bypass the PUK screen and allow you to enter the unlock code.

Method 2. Go to the network and request your Samsung PUK code.

For Samsung phone owners that are still under contract with the original SIM card you can go to the mobile phone network and request your PUK code. It should take about a week for the code to arrive. Whilst we do not exactly how this works for EE, Vodafone and O2, we assume the process is similar for each network.

Method 3. Check the packaging box or the phone’s SIM pack.

When you receive a new contract phone from O2, EE or Vodafone you will also receive a new SIM pack. With the SIM pack you should also get your PUK code. Look on the packaging or the SIM card packaging (see example below) for the code.

Your Samsung PUK code will usually be printed on your SIM pack.

Your Samsung PUK code will usually be printed on your SIM pack.

How can I get my PUK code if I don’t have a phone contract?

Usually your PUK code will be on the EE, Vodafone or O2 box or in your SIM pack that came with your handset. If you don’t have the box or an on-going phone contract your options are limited. You will need to contact a phone unlocking company such as NetPal and tell them you are experiencing a Samsung PUK issue and they will help.

You’ll be able to request a DEFREEZE or UNFREEZE code that will bypass the Samsung PUK code screen. Once this has been done you can then enter your 8 digit Samsung unlock code and then use a different network. Contact us if you need any help.