Huawei have been producing some incredible smartphones for the last few years. 2019 has seen the release of the spectacular P30 and Mate 30 handsets and now to finish off the year they’ve released the Huawei Nova 5T. If you’re lucky enough to own one and want to switch mobile networks you’re going to need a Huawei Nova 5T unlock code. This complete network unlocking guide will show you how to unlock your Nova 5T from EE, Vodafone and O2 for free and using a paid for service.

The end result of reading this handy guide will be a complete understanding of how to network unlock your Huawei Nova 5T. Once you have your Huawei SIM network unlock PIN code you will be able to use any SIM card and switch to any network you want. This is good news as the Nova 5T is a dual SIM smartphone. Consequently, you’ll be able to use a different SIM card from 2 networks at the same.

Follow the steps below to unlock your Huawei Nova 5T using our low cost online service:

  1. Click the Huawei product image shown.
  2. Select the UK network you are currently lock to.
  3. Click on the ‘get unlocked’ button to make your purchase.
  4. Add your handsets IMEI at the checkout when paying.

Then just sit back and relax whilst our unlocking technicians get to work obtaining your code. Within a few days you’ll receive an email with your Huawei unlock code and a link to instructions on how to enter it.

The Huawei Nova 5T is a flagship smartphone packed full of tech, but is it easy to unlock?

The Huawei Nova 5T is a flagship smartphone packed full of tech, but is it easy to unlock?

EE device unlock for Sony Xperia 10, 10 Plus.

EE: Huawei Nova 5T device unlock code.

In the UK EE is by far the most popular mobile network provider. However, when it comes to unlocking your Huawei Nova 5T or any other handset locked to EE for that matter, on a number of counts they do fall short of expectations. Firstly, if your Nova 5T is on an EE contract and is less than 6 months old they will not unlock it.

This is because as one forum user puts it, the phone belongs to EE for the first 6 months. We’re not sure if that really is the case from a legal standpoint as other networks will unlock you much sooner.

EE Pay monthly phone unlock.

In order to apply for an EE pay monthly unlock code you’ll need to have had your contract for a least 6 months. If that’s the case with you then just head on over to the EE device unlock page and start completing the online. You’ll need your Nova 5T IMEI number at the ready. Details on how to get it can be found here.

It’s worth noting that if you’re sure your handset is 6 months old but you don’t have an EE account don’t despair. You can still be network unlocked but you will need to use an online unlocking service in order to obtain your Huawei unlock code.

Video: EE Pay Monthly Help & How To: Unlocking Your Device.


EE PAYG phone unlock.

Much simpler to figure out than the pay monthly contract, if you have an EE PAYG phone you can apply for a free unlock code immediately. This is in stark contrast to the 6 month waiting period for pay monthly contract phones but is in keeping with the idea that EE own the handset for the first 6 months.

“If you bought your pay as you go device from EE, it’s free to unlock anytime”.

Details of the EE unlock service:

Vodafone network unlock code for Sony Xperia 10.

Vodafone: Huawei Nova 5T network unlock code.

You’ll be pleased to know that Vodafone are a much kinder network than EE, at least when it comes to unlocking your Huawei Nova 5T contact phone. With Vodafone you can request your Network Unlock Code or NUC within 30 days of taking on your contract.

Not only that, they won’t charge you a penny for doing so. As a result, many owners of the Nova 5T that are locked to Vodafone are happy to wait the 30 day period. If your handset is locked to Vodafone but you don’t have an account with them you can use a third party unlock company. You can usually get a Vodafone unlock code for less than £10 and it only takes a few days to arrive.

Screenshot: The Vodafone unlock form now asks if you've requested 3 or more NUC's in the last 12 months. If so, they won't unlock your Huawei Nova 5T under any circumstances.

Screenshot: The Vodafone unlock form now asks if you’ve requested 3 or more NUC’s in the last 12 months. If so, they won’t unlock your Huawei Nova 5T under any circumstances.

Video: Unlock my Vodafone Phone.


Additionally, there is some bad news for Vodafone users. The online unlocking form now says that you cannot apply for an unlock code if you’ve already applied 3 or more times in the last 12 months.

Details of the Vodafone unlock service:

O2 SIM unlock code for Sony Xperia 10 Plus.

O2: Network unlocking your Huawei Nova 5T.

If you want to unlock Huawei Nova 5T on O2 the mobile network have made it incredibly straight forward. firstly you need to login to the MyO2 App. you can do this via a web browser or using the App on your handset. All you need to do is put in a request to O2 for your unlock code and they will grant you one straight away. It will take up to a week for it to arrive.

Screenshot: Unlocking an O2 mobile to use on a different network

Screenshot: Unlocking an O2 mobile to use on a different network

If you’ve acquired your Huawei Nova 5T from a third party and it is locked to O2 they will not unlock you. You’ll have to buy an O2 unlock code from an online supplier or go to your local phone repair shop.

O2 PAYG unlock code.

O2 PAYG customers will unfortunately have to wait 12 months before they can apply for an unlock code. This is policy remarkably different to EE which will do it straight away. As a result, many mobile phone owners locked to O2 prefer to go straight to an unlocking company like ours.

Details of the O2 unlock service:

  • Handset: Sony Xperia 10 / 10 Plus
  • Network: O2
  • Service: SIM unlock code
  • Eligibility: O2 customer with active account
  • Waiting: 7 days
  • Cost: £0.00

Most online unlock services only take 1-5 days for code to be provided. In may instances it will be provided within 2 days. If you have any questions you can contact us here and we’ll usually respond the same day.