If you own an iPhone 4 and need to know how to unlock it as you want to use another provider then read on. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people in the UK signed up to lengthy phone contracts when the iPhone 4 first came out.

With the introduction of the iPhone 4S and subsequent new models all those iPhone 4’s went back into the market and started changing hands. This was great news for many people who now found owning an iPhone 4 affordable, unfortunately almost all of those devices were locked into a single UK network.

Because of this it was an absolute godsend that the GEVEY™ Ultra Sim Interposer was introduced and could show you how to unlock iPhone 4 devices.

Unlocking Your iPhone 4 Was Never Easier.

This video covers how to unlock iphone 4 with the original sim card that your phone is locked to.

pdf-iconIf you need to you can download the full instructions below to print in a pdf format here – DOWNLOAD 2MB PDF

1. Insert Device With Your Sim.

unlock-iphone-4-step-1Firstly switch your iPhone 4 off and insert the sim card from your new provider together with your GEVEY™ Ultra inside the custom sim tray. Earlier versions of the GEVEY™ Ultra may require you to trim your sim to fit.

2. Select Your Settings.

unlock-iphone-4-step-2Switch your phone back on and wait for the GEVEY™ Ultra screen to appear and select cancel. If the screen shown doesn’t show up within 15 seconds move to step 3.

3. Select Settings App.

unlock-iphone-4-step-3When this screen is shown you’ll need to select the ‘settings’ application.

4. Select ‘Phone’.

unlock-iphone-4-step-4When the ‘settings’ application menu is show you now need to select ‘phone’.

5.Select ‘SIM Applications’.

unlock-iphone-4-step-5When this screen is shown you will need to select ‘SIM Applications’.

6. Select ‘Instructions’.

unlock-iphone-4-step-6When the next screen is shown you will now need to select ‘instructions’.

7. Select the ‘Accept’ Button.

unlock-iphone-4-step-7The following GEVEY™ Ultra screen will appear next. Now select ‘Accept’ followed by pressing your iphone ‘home’ button and then wait 15 seconds.

8. Calling 112.

unlock-iphone-4-step-8Open your ‘Phone’ application, wait for a signal, then Dial 112. Important: You need to end the call immediately. When you’re done press your iphone’s home button.

9. Airplane SIM Activation.

unlock-iphone-4-step-9In the Settings menu turn on Airplane Mode. After 40 Seconds, you will see the message ‘No SIM Card Installed’. Click Ok, then turn off Airplane Mode. You will again see the message ‘No SIM Card installed’, just ignore. Click OK, wait for a signal. Your iPhone 4 is now unlocked.

And voila! Your iPhone 4 should be fully unlocked and ready to take a sim from any UK provider. If you need any more help go over to our iPhone unlocking instructions page for more info and downloads to get you going.