Although now a few years old, many people still own an iPhone 6S that is locked to O2. If that sounds like you and you want to switch to a different network, you’ll pleased to learn the process is simple and in many instances will cost you nothing. This comprehensive guide will show you how to unlock iPhone 6S from O2 UK whether you are a pay monthly, pay-as-you-go PAYG or O2 business contract customer.

Additionally, this guide will also show you how to get unlocked even if you are not an O2 customer and don’t have an active account. For most UK O2 customers you will be able to unlock iPhone 6S for free.

If all else fails you can buy an O2 iPhone unlock online which won’t cost the earth and only take a few days to complete. We also have an extra O2 guide for iPhone 7 users here.

Four reasons why you might want to unlock your iPhone 6S from O2.

If you’re an iPhone 6S owner and locked to O2 there are a number of reasons you will want to get unlocked. Blacklisted handsets are not covered by this guide.

  1. You may want to be unlocked as you are going to another country for a while such as a long holiday or for work purposes.
  2. Also, you may want to have access to another SIM card from a cheaper network provider in addition to your on-going O2 contract.
  3. If you purchased your iPhone from a third party such as friend or online via Ebay or Amazon and want to now use a non-O2 SIM card.
  4. Your O2 contract may have expired with the O2 network so you want to switch networks so you can sign-up for a better SIM deal.

There are 3 types of O2 customer that can be unlocked.

Here we deal with the 3 main types of O2 customer that can request to be unlocked. All customer types will need to have an active O2 account or contract that directly relates to the iPhone 6S you wish to unlock. If you don’t have an O2 account you’ll need to use an online unlocking service such as ours.

O2 Pay Monthly iPhone 6S unlock.

For O2 Pay Monthly customers unlocking your iPhone 6S couldn’t be easier. Unfortunately, when you visit the O2 unlock request page you’ll see that you’ll have to wait out the entirety of your contract before they will unlock you. At that point you can unlock your iPhone 6S for free.

Screenshot: You will need a My O2 account in order to login to the App and request your unlock.

Screenshot: You will need a My O2 account in order to login to the App and request your unlock.

Be sure to read this section carefully as you’ll notice a few minor stipulations. For example, you need to be in the UK and your contract needs to have run its course. Start by logging into the MyO2 app which can be downloaded from iTunes if you’re on your mobile. You can also go to the device unlock form and begin the process there.

O2 PAYG iPhone 6S unlocking.

O2 customers who are on a pay as you go contract (PAYG) are the best off when it comes to unlocking your iPhone 6S. You’ll be please to learn that PAYG customers can request an unlock at any time. Just login to your O2 account to begin the process.

O2 recently announced the 'Pay as you glo' campaign. With PAYG you can request your iPhone 6S unlock anytime.

O2 recently announced the ‘Pay as you glo’ campaign. With PAYG you can request your iPhone 6S unlock anytime.

If your iPhone 6S is locked to an O2 PAYG contract but you are not an O2 customer there are some suggestions as to what your options are on their forum. We would recommend you use an O2 iPhone unlocking service which is a more straight forward route to getting unlocked.

O2 Business unlock iPhone 6S.

If you’re on a business contract and want to unlock iPhone 6S O2 you can request it anytime. You will need to be the account holder of the handset and the device will need to have been purchased direct from O2. You will also need to have served out your contract before you can apply.

Most notably, O2 also request that you are in the UK when making the request. When you’re ready to start just head on over to the online form and begin.