Brand new for 2019 is this exciting Galaxy Note 10 smartphone from Samsung. For many business owners, it can make more financial sense to switch to a cheaper network mid-contract. In this article we will show you how to to unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note10 Plus from EE, Vodafone or O2 UK.

Designed primarily for business users, this powerful device is the last stop before a laptop. With a huge 6.3″ display (Galaxy Note10) and 6.8″ display (Galaxy Note10 Plus) and 5G versions it’s no wonder hoards of business owners are flocking to this latest offering from Samsung.

From the Samsung website—With Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ we’ve designed a mobile experience that’s like a computer, a gaming console, a movie-tech camera, and an intelligent pen, all in one device. Read more…

Should you be one of the plethora of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 business users who want to switch to a cheaper network mid-way through your contract we have all the information you need to unlock your handset from Vodafone, O2 and EE UK.

NetPal unlock code.

If you’re still under contract it can sometimes be tricky unlocking your Samsung Note 10 or Note10 Plus. Each network has a range of stipulations you need to comply with before they will issue you with an unlock code. This is also true if you have purchased the phone from a third party such a friend or online.

Each of the major networks such as EE, Vodafone and O2 all have their own requirements for unlocking your Note10. If you can’t unlock your handset with the network it is locked to or need to get it unlocked more quickly we have an alternative solution.

How to buy your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 unlock code from NetPal.

The quickest way to unlock your Note10 is to buy an unlock code from a third party supplier. At NetPal we can guarantee to unlock your Samsung mobile phone from any UK network. This includes O2, EE, Vodafone, Tesco, Virgin Mobile, BT, Asda and many more.

6 reasons for using the NetPal phone unlock service.

If you want to unlock your Samsung Galaxy Note10 or Note10 Plus without the hassle then consider benefits of our low cost unlocking service. Here’s 6 reasons to choose us:

  1. With NetPal you won’t need a network account.
  2. You also won’t need to be on contract or signed-up.
  3. For some major networks it costs less than £10.
  4. We won’t take up much of your time asking questions.
  5. Your unlock code cod be delivered in just a few hours.
  6. We have hundreds of top rated customer reviews.

If those aren’t enough good reasons to SIM unlock Samsung Galaxy Note10 | Note10+ Plus with us give us a call and we’ll give you some more. Alternatively why not check out our customer reviews.

In addition we’ll also send you extensive instructions on how to enter your Samsung unlock code along with a troubleshooting guide.

Consequently, we’re totally confident your phone unlocking needs will be met 100%. Most notably, if we can’t unlock your handset or provide you with an unlocking code we guarantee to refund you in full.

Vodafone unlock code (NUC).

If you’re locked to the Vodafone network and want to obtain your unlock code the good news is they will provide it to you for free. Sadly, you will need a Vodafone account, have the handset registered on the account plus they will make you wait 30 days before you can apply.

During those 30 days you will need to be signed up to a Vodafone mobile plan (pay monthly or pay-as-you-go). After 30 days you can apply for an unlock code. The raw truth of the matter is that if you’re looking to unlock Samsung Galaxy Note10 | Note10+ Plus from Vodafone you’re definitely not going to sign-up with them. You’re also not going to want to waste your time begging for a network unlock code (NUC).

How to get your Samsung Note10 / Note10 Plus NUC code from Vodafone.

If you already have an account with Vodafone and have had your contract for 30 days or more you can get your Note 10 unlock for free. There are a few hoops to jump through and you should expect to wait 1-2 weeks for the network unlock code (NUC) to arrive.

Watch the video below for up-to-date information on what steps you’ll need to take. Further down the page are the relevant links to help you get started.

Watch this video from Vodafone on how to unlock you device.

It’s worth noting that Vodafone only supply the unlock code and not a Unfreeze or Defreeze code. If you’re handset is asking for PUK go to the bottom of this page for full details on how to bypass the request.

Vodafone unlocking in brief:

  • Handset: Galaxy Note10 | Note10 Plus
  • Network: Vodafone
  • Service: Network unlock code (NUC)
  • Waiting: 10 days (expect to wait longer)
  • Cost: £0.00

Useful Vodafone links:

EE unlock code (NCK).

Right off the bat getting unlocked from EE means paying a minimum charge of £8.99 if you’re still under contract. Worse still, EE will not unlock your Samsung Galaxy Note10 or Note10 Plus until it is a minimum of 6 months old. EE are the UK’s biggest network. Consequently, they have customers to spare and are therefore the worst to deal with when trying to obtain an unlock code.

As with all the networks you will need to have an EE account that has your handset registered to it. EE also have a strict criteria for supplying unlock codes so be prepared to be disappointed. Also be prepared to wait longer than you’d like.

Buying your unlock code from EE for your Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

In order to unlock your Samsung Galaxy Note10 fro EE you’ll first need to access your account. Once you’re logged into your account follow this link and begin the unlocking procedure. You’ll need to answer a range of questions to ensure you quality. After which you’ll know if you have to pay or can get a free unlock code.

Watch this useful video on getting unlocked from EE.

As with all the other networks, EE won’t provide a Defreeze code. As a result, if your handset is asking for PUK you’ll need to go back to them and request it and possible wait another 2 weeks for it to arrive.

EE unlocking in brief:

  • Handset: Galaxy Note10 | Note10 Plus
  • Network: EE
  • Service: Unlock code (NCK)
  • Waiting: 3-10 days (expect to wait longer)
  • Cost: £8.99

Useful EE links:

O2 unlock code (Subsidy PIN).

O2 sometimes refer to the mobile unlock code as a subsidy PIN. On your Samsung Galaxy Note10 handset it will request a ‘SIM Network Unlock PIN‘. For the sake of argument they’re the same thing and will do the same job. As with Vodafone and EE there are plenty of forum posts from angry customers waiting weeks for an unlock code to arrive.

How to unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 10 using a code from O2.

Firstly you’ll need to login to your O2 account. You can’t unlock your Galaxy Note10 without an O2 account. They have different requirements depending on whether you are a pay monthly or pay-as-you-go customer. The good news is that if you qualify you won’t have to pay for your O2 Samsung Galaxy Note10 / Note10 Plus unlock code. Bad news is they won’t provide the code unless you are an existing O2 customer.

Unlocking an O2 locked Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to use on a different network.

O2 Screenshot: Unlocking an O2 locked Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to use on a different network.

Be prepared to wait longer then you’d like and if the handset is asking for PUK be prepared to wait even longer. You’ll have to go back to O2 to request the PUK again.

O2 unlocking in brief:

  • Handset: Galaxy Note10 | Note10 Plus
  • Network: O2
  • Service: Unlock code
  • Waiting: 7 days (expect to wait longer)
  • Cost: £0.00

Useful O2 links:

PUK code (Unfreeze / MCK).

When you type in an unlock code into your Samsung handset you only get 3 attempts. As a result, if you enter the wrong code more than 3 times you will get ‘unlock request unsuccessful‘ even if you enter the correct Samsung Note 10 unlock code on your fourth attempt.

Sadly, if you continue to enter an unlock code after 3 unsuccessful attempts you may get a prompt that asks for your PUK code. The prompt usually says something like ‘SIM network PIN blocked. Enter SIM network PUK‘.

What is the SIM network PUK?

PUK stands for ‘Personal Unblocking Key‘ and to bypass the screen you’ll have to do one of 2 things:

  1. Go back to your network and request your PUK.
  2. Purchase an additional Samsung Unfreeze code.

The PUK is a master security code that is unique to your handset and is used for resetting your SIM Network Unlock PIN (unlock code). Most notably, when you buy a Samsung unlock code from NetPal we will provide you with both the NCK (network code) and the MCK (Unfreeze or Defreeze code).

You will need to purchase the ‘Any UK Network’ service if you require a defreeze code and you are on the Vodafone or O2 network. With our EE unlock service you automatically receive the NCK (unlock code) and MCK (Defreeze code).

Samsung Screenshot: SIM network PIN blocked. Enter SIM network PUK.

Samsung Screenshot: SIM network PIN blocked. Enter SIM network PUK.

If you have to go back to your network to request a PUK you should expect to wait at least 10 days. It’s also common to wait for 2 weeks or longer. You can read about other people’s experiences here and here. Once you have your PUK you will need to enter it before you enter your network unlock code.

How to get an Unfreeze or MCK code to bypass Note10 PUK request.

For most people it’s much easier to use a dedicated Unfreeze code (Defreeze or MCK code). This can be obtained much more quickly than going back to your network. When you buy and unlock code for your Samsung Galaxy Note10 or Note 10 Plus be sure to ask the supplier if you will also get the Defreeze or Unfreeze code with your purchase.

Step-by-step unlocking instructions.

For most owners of the Samsung Note 10 entering your unlock code will be very straight-forward. However, if you’re having problems here are a few instructions that will help you along. Full instructions can be found here.

Instructions on how to enter your Samsung Note10 unlock code.

The standard procedure for entering your Note10 unlock is as follows:

  1. Begin with your phone switched off.
  2. Insert a SIM card from your new network.
  3. New switch on your handset and unlock.
  4. At the screen prompt enter your unlock code.

Your Galaxy Note10 should now be unlocked.