You may be surprised to learn that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is the most popular smartphone in the UK. what you won’t be surprised to learn is that most of these were acquired via a mobile contract with either EE, Vodafone or O2. If you’re one of them and want to unlock Samsung S7, S7 Edge or S7 Active this extensive guide will show you exactly you can do that by unlock code.

We will show you how you can approach each mobile network to request your Samsung SIM network unlock PIN (unlock code). We’ll also show you how much it costs, how long you have to wait and what you can do if the networks won’t play ball. Unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S7 needn’t be a difficult affair, read this guide for instructions on how to make it easy.

Buying a Samsung S7 unlock code from Netpal.

If, like thousands of others you’ve acquired your Samsung Galaxy S7 from a third party such as a friend, online retailer or second-hand shop, you won’t be able to get it unlocked by the mobile networks. At first glance this may seem like bad news, however you’ll be thrilled to learn you can still get an unlock code from an online unlocking company such as ours.

Why it makes sense to unlock Samsung S7 by code with us:

  1. There’s no need to have an account with O2, Vodafone or EE.
  2. The cost is in many instances cheaper than the networks.
  3. Our SuperFast service can get you unlocked in a few hours.

It’s important to note that the Samsung unlock code we provide will be the exact same code as you would get from the networks. The reason for this is that there is only a single 8 digit numerical code generated for your handset. This is attached to your 15 digit IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number.

You’ll need to provide this to both the networks and us if you want your Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge or S7 Active to be unlocked. When you unlock your Samsung Galaxy smartphone with Netpal you can be assured of a pain free, stress free experience.

Within a matter of days you’ll receive your network unlock code. As a result you’ll be free to use any SIM card from any network.

What does a Samsung network unlock code look like?

Essentially, your Samsung S7 unlock code is an 8 digit numerical code that is calculated from your IMEI number. It is technically referred to as the ‘SIM network unlock PIN’ which is how it shows up on your handset. Vodafone refer to it as the NUC (network unlock code) whilst it is also referred to as an NCK (network control key), NP code, NUP (network unlock PIN). See examples below.

  • Unlock code: 23745938 (NCK)
  • Defreeze code: 57639295 (MCK)

It’s worth noting that for Vodafone, O2 and related MVNO’s you only get the NCK (unlock code). Consequently, if your handset is asking for a PUK code you’ll need to upgrade your order to a Samsung PUK Bypass service. This will provide you with the DEFREEZE or UNFREEZE code you need to get unlocked.

How to get your Samsung S7 unlock code from EE.

When you’re the biggest mobile network in the UK, you don’t give away anything for free. As a result, even if you’re an EE customer, you’ll still have to pay £8.99 for an unlock code for your Samsung S7. Additionally, they’ll also make you wait 10 days or longer. We have heard than in some instances you can apply to unlock your EE locked device even if you are not a customer.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Unlock Code EE
Unlock EE iPhone In brief:

  • Handset: Samsung Galaxy S7 | S7 Edge | S7 Active
  • Network: EE
  • Service: Network device unlock
  • Waiting: 3-10 days

There are different requirements depending on whether you are a PAYG or contract customer. Usually customers will have to wait 6 months before EE will unlock you. Ofcom are trying to end this practice but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Video: EE Pay Monthly Help & How To: Unlocking Your Device.

Whether your Samsung Galaxy S7 is locked to EE, Vodafone or O2, if you don’t have an account with them you can still get an unlock code. In order to unlock Samsung S7 quickly and cheaply just click on this link and make your order.

Useful links for getting unlocked from EE:

How to network unlock Samsung S7 from O2.

You’ll be over the moon to learn that O2 will unlock your Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge or S7 Active for free. sadly, there are number of hoops you’ll need to jump through before they will provide you with an unlock code. Most notable is that you’ll need to have an active O2 account that has your S7 attached to it. If that’s true for you, you can login to your O2 account and request a code.

Samsung S7 unlock code O2
Unlock O2 iPhone In brief:

  • Handset: Samsung Galaxy S7 | S7 Edge | S7 Active
  • Network: O2
  • Service: SIM unlock code
  • Waiting: 7 days

In the same vein as the other networks, O2 also provide some information on how to unlock your mobile to use on a different network. You can use their online form to get started as well as logging into the MyO2 App.

Screenshot: Unlocking an O2 mobile to use on a different network

Screenshot: Unlocking an O2 mobile to use on a different network

If you’ve obtained your Samsung S7 from a third party there is little to no chance that O2 will unlock you. As a result, you will need to use an online unlocking service which in most instances will provide an O2 unlock for less than £15. However, you shouldn’t be fooled by extra low pricing. Most, if not all of these websites are scams and will ask you for more money.

These links will help you get unlocked from O2:

How to obtain your Samsung Galaxy S7 NUC from Vodafone.

With Vodafone UK the stipulations are a little different. You’ll still need an active account, however there is some hope if you don’t. You can actually sign-up for 30 days with a Vodafone SIM only deal and after that they will unlock your Samsung S7 for free.

Samsung S7 Vodafone Network Unlock Code (NUC)
Unlock Vodafone iPhone In brief:

  • Handset: Samsung Galaxy S7 | S7 Edge | S7 Active
  • Network: Vodafone
  • Service: Network unlock code (NUC)
  • Waiting: 10 working days

It’s worth noting that you’ll have to wait another 10 days for the NUC or network unlock code to arrive. Consequently, you’re looking at a 40 day wait, possibly longer before you can unlock Samsung S7 from Vodafone. Complete the Vodafone unlock request form to get started.

Video: How To: Unlock my Vodafone Phone.

If, like many Samsung Galaxy S7 owners locked to Vodafone you don’t want to wait 40 days, you can always order an unlock code online. From our perspective we think what Vodafone are doing is ridiculous. Just say no and move on!

Use these links to get started with Vodafone:

Frequently asked questions.

The short answer is yes and no. EE will unlock your Samsung S7 if you are an existing customer. If you’re not a customer then the answer is no.

Sadly, Vodafone will make you sign up for 30 days before you can request an NUC. If you’re already a customer then yes, they will provide it for free after 30 days.

Under certain circumstances yes they will provide it for free. You must be a customer with an active O2 account in order to make a request for the code.

Whilst they may have their internal reasons it is a commonly held belief that they do it to make money and to put customers off from leaving the network. In reality they can probably do what they want as they are the biggest network.