We’ve seen this crop up a million times over the last few years. There always seems to be some company offering a free Samsung unlock code. Trouble is, when you go through the process it never turns out to free – or in most cases it never turns out to even exist – even as a paid version.

They all end up as internet myths – with no real truth in them. They get passed around social media and forums as hearsay – in many instances by the con-men themselves. There’s always a new batch of Samsung handset owners who think they can get a free unlock code.

Does the free Samsung unlock code even exist?

You can’t blame anyone as looking for a free unlock code would be the first thing I would do. Of course, Google is only too happy to serve up what it sees as the most popular pages as it’s not quite clever enough to figure out the free Samsung unlock code doesn’t exist.

A great example of these scams are the myriad of free unlock sites. Each one pretending to offer a range of free phone unlock codes. Sometimes you have to complete some random offer. Of course, by the time you complete the offer there is nothing at the end and they’ve got your details or you’ve signed up for a pair of pizza slippers or something equally stupid.

The other prominent scam for free phone unlock codes is the software download. Now there actually is legitimate software out there that can unlock your phone but you ain’t gonna get a copy for £9.99 or whatever the scammer says it costs.

Not only that, the basic user would never be able to competently use it anyway. The scam usually gets you to sign-up via PayPal in such a way that you can’t get a refund.

All these just different ways of scamming you. The only way to unlock your Samsung handset is with a low cost unlock code. You will have to pay for it but at least you know what you’re getting. Why waste hours trying to get a free Samsung unlock code that doesn’t exist?

Surely it’s much better to just bite the bullet, pay the money and wait for the code?