Gevey Ultra S Interposer Faqs

Hi, I have a iphone 4S, but now i use gevey ultra s for 6.1.3. I want to update my iphone. So this gevey is working any IOS 7? Now the new is 7.0.6 thx.

Hi there, yes this will unlock your iPhone 4S right up to iOS 7.06. All the minor updates since iOS 7 have not affected the unlocking capability of the Gevey Ultra S.

Hi there the phone i have is on t-mobile if i unlock it with one of theses will a talk talk sim card work in it?

Hi there, yes it will.

Once the process is complete is the unlock permanent?

Hi there, the unlocking product stays in your iPhone with your sim to keep it unlocked after you’ve gone through the steps. As long as it stays in place your iPhone will be permanently unlocked.

Do you know if this will cover a 4S on 7.0.6 with Baseband 04.12.09?

Hi there, no, Baseband 04.12.09 is an iPhone 4 Baseband and is not found on the iPhone 4S. Our product Works on the iPhone 4S with Basebands 2.0.10, 2.0.12, 3.0.04, 3.4.01, 3.4.02, 3.4.03, 5.0.00 and 5.0.02 (iOS up to 7.0.6)”

Are you selling original GEVEY products?

Absolutely, all GEVEY™ products we have on sale are 100% original products.

My iPhone is stuck on the activation screen so I can’t get into the phone. Can the GEVEY Ultra S fix this?

Unfortunately not. The GEVEY™ Ultra S cannot activate your iphone 4s for you. To do this you will need your providers original sim card.

What basebands does the Gevey Ultra S support?

The GEVEY™ Ultra S supports all basebands on the iphone 4s.

Hi, I have a iPhone 4S sim locked to Ireland Meteor. Will this work with the Gevey Ultra S Turbo? Also I’m running 6.1.3 IOS and want to upgrade to the latest IOS is this a good idea with this sim unlocker?

Hi, it will unlock your iphone 4s from Ireland Meteor. I would unlock your iphone first before you upgrade but the device will unlock upto iOS 7.06. If you don’t have an Ireland Meteor SIM Card you will need your Mobile Network Code which is 27203 for Ireland Meteor plus an additional 2 numbers between 00-99 to make 7.

The last 2 digits can be harder to figure as you may have to try all 99 options. The large majority of people get unlocked without needing to go down the Mobile Network Code route.

What iOS does the GEVEY™ Ultra S support?

All iOS from 6.0 right up to 7.06 are supported.

Does the GEVEY™ Ultra S support the latest firmware?

Absolutley yes! This is a briliant piece of modern iphone unlocking technology that takes into account all firmware versions.

Will my iphone stay unlocked if I remove the device?

Unfortunately not. The GEVEY™ Ultra S is a permanent unlocking solution as long as it is kept in your device. Once you remove it your iphone will no longer be unlocked.