iPhone Unlocking Faqs.

We have attempted to answer as many iPhone unlocking faqs as possible. Many of these questions come straight from you via email. We are always adding more of your faqs as we go along.

I have bought iPhone 6 locked to O2 but the phone is  not here in the UK any more. Is there anything can be done about it?

If you’re out of the country we can still unlock you with an iPhone 6 factory unlock.

I have an iPhone 4, baseband 4.12.09 and I am not sure if you have any sim to unlock it.

Correct, only an iphone 4 factory unlock will do the job for you.

I have phone called mini smart 4 Vodafone but it only takes Vodafone sim I want to put in Lyca sim how do I unlock this?

You will have to purchase an iPhone 4 factory unlock which will unlock you to any network anywhere in the world.

I have a 4s and it is unlocked what to lock to the first sim but it wont reconise my Cyprus sim how can I unlock for use outside uk.

To guarantee use of your iphone to any network in any country you should purchase an iphone 4s factory unlock.

I bought iphone 4 on ebay last week locked to O2. the modem firmware is 04.12.09. how much do i need to pay to have it unlocked?

You will need to purchase an iPhone factory unlock. Prices are on the page.

What product do I need to unlock iPhone 3GS ee sim lock?

The only product we have that will unlock iPhone 3GS is the factory unlock.

Do you do many Canadian carrier unlocks?

Unfortunately not a the moment. But we will be providing that service in the near future. Update: We now offer a range of iPhone unlocks for Canadian networks.

I want to change my order my iPhone 5 unlocking to O2 network.

We can only change your order if you contact us within 2 hours. Once submitted to the database the nature of the unlocking process means we cannot alter the order or provide a refund.

Can you unlock this iPhone 6 on O2 locked on a corporate contract?

Absolutely yes. It makes no difference whether it’s a personal or corporate contract.