R Sim 10 Interposer Faqs

Will this work for an 5c 7.1.2 how does it work thanks

Yes, this device will unlock you on any iOS from 7 right up to the latest iOS 8.3+

Will this unlock my phone from EE so I can put a sim from 3 in it?

Yes absolutely. The R-Sim 10 will unlock any UK network and let you use any uk network.

Hi, i have an iphone 5 on ios 7.1.1 locked to EE UK i want to unlock it with rsim 10 can you give me the IMSI code plz….thanx

The IMSI code the interface requires is actually your mobile network code located here.

Hi my iphone has updated to the new ios 8.2 iphone 4s its currently locked too orange need it on virgin  will this work?

The R-Sim 10 will get you unlocked no problem.

I want to unlock my UK iphone 4s (T-mobile / EE) to allow me to use in South Africa on vodacom or MTN network. current ios 6.1.3. What is the best option?

You can use either of our iPhone 4S unlocking products to unlock to use Vodacom. You may need your Mobile Network Code which is 63001 = Vodacom CONGO-GSM – Congo Republic.