IMEI iPhone Unlocking Instructions.

When we IMEI factory unlock your iPhone for you usually when your order is complete that’s it. No codes or software downloads. Sometimes you may need to follow the IMEI iPhone Unlocking Instructions to complete the factory unlock procedure.

How to finalise your iPhone IMEI unlock.

IMEI iPhone Unlocking Instructions

1. Update the iTunes software on your computer.

2. Ensure your iPhone has the most recent version of iOS it can support.

3. With your new SIM card inside it, connect your iPhone to your computer with your usb cable and wait for iTunes to detect the phone.

4. Disconnect the iPhone from the computer and wait 20 seconds.

5. Reconnect your iPhone to the computer as you did in step 3 and wait for iTunes to pick it up again.

You should now be unlocked!

Alternative methods.

1.  Put the device into DFU mode.

These instructions are to be used ONLY if you have already tried hooking up to iTunes. We cannot be held responsible for what you do with your iPhone. If you’re not sure please ask someone more technically minded to assist you or open a support ticket.


With the new network sim in the phone (not the original network).

1. Hold the Power Button (3 secs)
2. Continue holding the power button and also hold the home button (15 secs)
3. Release the power button while continuing to hold the home button (10 secs)
4. Your device should prompt with the “Connect to iTunes Screen”

2: Plug it into your computer and open iTunes.

It will either prompt to restore and up date or you can manually restore using the following steps.

1. Restoring your iOS device
3. Connect your device to your computer.
3. Select your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch when it appears in iTunes. Select the Summary tab, and click the Restore button.

Click Restore.