Mobile Network Unlock Codes for UK.

Mobile Network Unlocking Codes for UK Orange, BT, O2, Vodafone, EE, Giff Gaff, Lebara, Lyca. Suitable to Unlock iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 7 & 7 Plus.

IMSI / MNC UK Mobile Network Codes.

The free Mobile Network Codes cover the entire range of providers listed above. ALL ‘virtual’ mobile providers such as Virgin, Giff Gaff, Lebara, Lyca, Tesco and so on use one of the UK codes listed below.

Network provider Code 1 Code 2
Three (3) 2342091 2342073
O2 (UK) 2341091 2340211
Orange / T-Mobile 2343343 2343320
Orange / T-Mobile 2343091 2343302
EE 2343334 N/A
Vectone 2340100 N/A
Vodafone 2341590 N/A

Apple, Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry, Huawei, Motorola & HTC phone unlock codes.

We can unlock Nokia, Nokia Lumia, Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, LG, Sony Xperia / Ericsson, Blackberry & HTC phones. Click on your phone manufacturer below and get your phone unlock code today!

Nokia Unlock Codes
Nokia Unlock Codes
Unlock Apple iPhones
Unlock Apple iPhones
Alcatel Unlock Code
Alcatel Unlock Code
ZTE Unlock Code
ZTE Unlock Code
Samsung Unlock Codes
Samsung Unlock Codes
LG Unlock Codes
LG Unlock Codes
Sony Unlock Codes
Sony Unlock Codes
HTC Unlock Codes
HTC Unlock Codes
Blackberry Unlock Codes
Blackberry Unlock Codes
Motorola Unlock Codes
Motorola Unlock Codes
Huawei Unlock Codes
Huawei Unlock Codes
Important: The unlock codes on this page will not get your iPhone unlocked for free. There is no such thing as being able to unlock iPhone free, free pin code or free mobile unlock codes. Any website that says they will provide you with a free iPhone unlock or free unlock code is probably a scam.

Mobile phone network unlock codes (NUC)

Network Unlock Code (NUC) Permanent Handset Waiting Times
Samsung Unlock Code Yes All 1-3 days
HTC Unlock Code Yes All 24 hours
Blackberry Unlock Code Yes All 24 hours
Alcatel Unlock Code Yes All 24 hours
LG Unlock Code Yes All 1-2 days
ZTE Unlock Code Yes All 24 hours
Sony Unlock Code Yes All 1-5 days
Nokia Unlock Code Yes All Varies
Motorola Unlock Code Yes All 1-2 days
Huawei Unlock Code Yes All 1-8 days

Our iPhone Unlocking Codes & Products Will Work On ALL UK Networks.

To get your iPhone unlocked sometimes you will need to use these free iPhone mobile network unlocking codes. We have provided all the UK codes you’ll need to get you up-n-running. In most instances you will never need them.

We put them her to make sure we’ve covered every option to ensure a smooth iPhone unlocking experience. Below is a list of all the mobile providers currently operating in the UK. Many of these free UK mobile network unlocking codes are called MNVO’s or ‘virtual’ network providers.

This is because they piggyback off ‘real’ network providers such as Orange, O2, Vodafone, EE & 3. If you don’t see yours listed please send us a quick note and we’ll add it to the list. Read our O2 Unlock Guide.

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Additional IMSI / MNC UK Mobile Network Codes.

If your UK providers Mobile Network Code (MNC) is not listed above, please check out below. Your provider code is completed by adding MCC + MNC + enough zeroes to make 7 digits. Suitable to Unlock iPhones 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 7 & 7 Plus

MCC MNC Network Operator / brand
234 00 BT BT Group
234 01 Vectone Mobile Mundio Mobile Ltd
234 02 O2 (UK) Telefónica Europe
234 03 Airtel-Vodafone Jersey Airtel Limited
234 10 O2 (UK) Telefónica Europe
234 11 O2 (UK) Telefónica Europe
234 15 Vodafone UK Vodafone
234 16 Talk Talk (Opal Tel Ltd) TalkTalk
234 18 Cloud9 Cloud9
234 20 Hutchison 3G (3) Hutchison 3G UK Ltd
234 24 Greenfone Stour Marine
234 25 Truphone Truphone
234 30 T-Mobile UK EE
234 31 Virgin Mobile UK Virgin Media
234 32 Virgin Mobile UK Virgin Media
234 33 Orange (UK) EE
234 34 Orange (UK) EE
234 51 UK Broadband Ltd UK Broadband Ltd
234 76 BT BT Group
235 01 EE EE
235 02 EE EE
235 77 BT BT Group
235 91 Vodafone Vodafone UK

iPhone Model and Network Sim Card Types Used.

Handset SIM Card Required
iPhone 6s Nano SIM
iPhone 6s Plus Nano SIM
iPhone 6 Nano SIM
iPhone 6 Plus Nano SIM
iPhone 5s Nano SIM
iPhone 5c Nano SIM
iPhone 5 Nano SIM
iPhone 4S Micro SIM
iPhone 4 Micro SIM
iPhone 3G S Standard SIM
iPhone 3G Standard SIM
iPhone (original) Standard SIM

UK Network Providers & Their True Networks.

Mobile network (To be unlocked) True network provider
Age UK My Phone Vodafone
Airwave Smart Mobile EE
Asda Mobile EE
Auracall Travel Talk EE
Axis Telecom EE
BT Mobile EE
Chromebook 3G SIM EE
Co-operative Mobile EE
CTExcelbiz EE
Delight Mobile EE
Dialog Vizz Vodafone
Digital Phone EE
Econet Mobile EE
Family Mobile EE
Gamma Telecom Vodafone
360Coms Telecom Vodafone
Go Mobile EE
GiffGaff O2
GT Mobile O2
HP Mobile Connect EE
Kingdom Mobile EE
Krisant Telecom EE
Lebara Mobile Vodafone
LIFE Mobile EE
Lomo Mobile EE
LycaMobile O2
Matrix Cellular EE
Natterbox EE
Mobile by Sainsbury's Vodafone
Shebang Three
Talk Home Mobile EE
Talkmobile Vodafone
TalkTalk Mobile Vodafone
Tesco Mobile O2
The People's Operator EE
The Phone Co-op EE
Truphone Vodafone
Telecom Plus EE
Globe UK EE
Vectone Mobile EE
Virgin Mobile EE
WWF Wildlife Mobile Three

For use with our Pin unlock codes & iPhone unlocking services.

If you purchase an iPhone Factory Unlock you will not need to use any of these codes. To re-iterate, these UK mobile network unlocking PIN codes which are used to Unlock iPhones 4S, 4, 5, 5C, 5S & 3GS, 6, 6+ are only for the R-Sim 9, R-Sim 10 & Gevey interposer products we sell.

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