How Do We Unlock Your iPhone?

OK, so getting your iPhone unlocked by us so you can use any network is pretty straight forward. We operate a 3 stage process and keep you notified every step of the way.

Important: Many customers think that unlocking your phone is illegal. It’s important to note that unlocking your phone is perfectly legal. Read this Ofcom post to find out more.

3 Stage iPhone Unlocking Process

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s involved when we unlock your iPhone:

Stage 1 – CheckMEND Report.

After you’ve made your purchase we conduct a check against your IMEI number. This is to ensure that the phone is not reported lost, stolen, blocked or barred.

We provide you with a copy of the CheckMEND report for your safe keeping. View an example report here. At least 99% of all customers pass the Stage 1 – CheckMEND Report.

Example: Checkmend report

Example: CheckMEND report

Important: If your IMEI fails during Stage 1 because it is blacklisted we provide you with a refund minus a £4.50 administration fee for the check.

Call us on: 02921 287 336 or Email: for further information.

Stage 2 – Database Submission.

The second stage of the process involves us submitting your IMEI number to the global unlocking database. Once submitted we will provide you with a screenshot of your IMEI in the database

Stage 2 will take a different length of time depending on which network you are locked to or which iPhone model you have.

Important: The unlock times we provide are guideline times only. We do our very best to get you unlocked within the given times although sometimes your unlock may take longer. We will keep you up to date as often as we can.

Unlock Your iPhone IMEI Example Submission

Example: Global database IMEI submission

Once your IMEI number has been submitted into the global database we can no longer cancel your order and offer you a refund. It’s important your understand this as occasionally some customers try to cancel their order if they feel it is taking too long. At this point when you unlock your iPhone with us there’s no going back.

Important: If your IMEI fails during Stage 2 we will proceed with one of the following steps:

  1. Provide you with a refund minus a £4.50 administration fee.
  2. Automatically upgrade you to a ‘Semi-Blocked’ service if we think it will guarantee you getting unlocked.

Call us on: 02921 287 336 or Email: for further information.

Stage 3 – Finalising Your iPhone Unlock.

Once you’ve passed stages 1 & 2 we’ll send you an email letting you know you’re unlocked. Please read the email carefully. there will be a link to this page that shows you how to finish off your iPhone unlock via iTunes. Once you’re done you can enjoy your new network.

IMEI iPhone Unlocking Instructions

Example: Connecting to iTunes to finalise your unlock

Call us on: 02921 287 336 or Email: for further information.