Gevey Ultra Instructions

GEVEY Ultra Instructions for GSM iPhone 4 unlock including guides, tutorials, videos and downloads. This page contains all the information to help you Unlock iPhone using the Gevey Ultra.

This video covers how to unlock your iphone 4 with the original sim card that your phone is locked to.

If you need to you can download the full instructions below to print in a pdf format here – DOWNLOAD 2MB PDF

1. Insert Device With Your Sim.

unlock-iphone-4-step-1First, turn off your iPhone 4. Insert the sim card you want to unlock your iPhone to along with your GEVEY™ Ultra using the custom sim tray. Earlier versions of the GEVEY™ Ultra may require you to trim down your sim card to fit in the tray.

2. Select Your Settings.

unlock-iphone-4-step-2Turn on your iPhone 4, slide to unlock it, and wait for the GEVEY™ Ultra screen to appear as shown to the left. You then need to select cancel. If the screen shown does show up within 15 seconds you should move on to step 3.

3. Select Settings App.

unlock-iphone-4-step-3When this screen is shown you will need to select the ‘settings’ application.

4. Select ‘Phone’.

unlock-iphone-4-step-4When the ‘settings’ application menu is show you now need to select ‘phone’.

5.Select ‘SIM Applications’.

unlock-iphone-4-step-5When this screen is shown you will need to select ‘SIM Applications’.

6. Select ‘Instructions’.

unlock-iphone-4-step-6When the next screen is shown you will now need to select ‘instructions’.

7. Select the ‘Accept’ Button.

unlock-iphone-4-step-7The following GEVEY™ Ultra screen will appear next. You need to select ‘Accept’ followed by pressing your iPhone ‘home’ button and then wait 15 seconds.

8. Calling 112.

unlock-iphone-4-step-8Open your ‘Phone’ application, wait for a signal bar to appear and then Dial 112. Important: You need to end the call immediately. When you’re done press your iPhone’s home button.

9. Airplane SIM Activation.

unlock-iphone-4-step-9In the Settings menu turn on Airplane Mode. After 40 Seconds, you will see the message ‘No SIM Card Installed’. Click Ok, then turn off Airplane Mode. You will again see the message ‘No SIM Card installed’, just ignore. Click OK, wait for a signal. Your iPhone 4 is now network unlocked.

Manual Unlocking (Simple)

Step 1: Turn off your iPhone and insert your sim card along with the GEVEY™ Ultra sim tray.

Step 2: Next turn on your iPhone and wait for welcome menu. When you see it select ‘accept’.

Step 3: Wait 15 seconds, dial ‘112’ and click on ‘SEND’. You need to hang up within 2 seconds. Do Not let it connect the call.

Step 4: Next go to ‘Settings’ and turn on ‘Airplane Mode’, wait until you see ‘No SIM Card Installed’ or ‘No SIM’ then go back and turn off Airplane Mode. After a few seconds your iphone should have a signal and you’re unlocked!.

Automatic Unlock (Difficult)

Step 1: You first need to Jailbreak your iPhone 4. If you have not done this before it is fairly straightforward but you may need someone a little more technically minded to assist you.

Step 2: Open Cydia and add www, to cydia source. Install > click > FuriousMod > Install > Confirm, start installation, Click restart Spring Board. If the installation is success, a red FuriousMod icon will now appear.

Step 3: Insert your sim card along with the GEVEY™ Ultra sim tray into your iPhone. Turn it on and wait for the welcome message screen to appear.

Step 4: If a dialog pops up, click Cancel. No other steps are needed. Now wait 1-2 minutes for a phone signal. If after 5 minutes you don’t get one, restart the phone without the sim tray, re-insert the tray and sim together and wait for the phone signal to be appear.

Baseband Preservation (Expert)

  • Update to iOS 5.0 using Sn0wBreeze (2.8b8 or above) or RedSn0w (0.9.9b5 or above) baseband preservation tutorial.
  • Put your iphone into ‘Pwned DFU’ mode using Sn0wbreeze iREB.
  • Use that Custom created IPSW iOS 5.0 to update your phone.
  • Then use any GSM SIM to activate it.
  • Follow the GEVEY™ Ultra dial 112 process.
  • Turn off your phone.
  • Take GEVEY™ Ultra out.
  • Insert your GEVEY™ Ultra again.
  • Turn on your iPhone.
  • Wait for the black screen to appear and click accept. If it doesn’t appear go to Settings>Phone>SIM Applications and select ‘English’.
  • Wait for the ‘No Service’ message on the status bar and then count 15 seconds.
  • Dial 112 and count 2 seconds and hang up.

Go to Settings and toggle AirPlane mode repeatedly. Every time you toggle on and off a message popup will appear. Keep doing it until no popup appears. The status bar message will say its searching for a signal and few seconds later you’ll get a signal.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure that your iPhone is still on these Baseband 1.59, 2.10, 3.10.1, 4.10, 4.10.1. or will not work with iOS 5.0

Step 1: Connect to the internet via WiFi

Step 2: Go to in Safari

Step 3: Select custom APN and choose your carrier

Step 4: Click install for the custom APN and data should now work over 3G/Edge

Backing Up Your Data

You only need to back up your data if you are having problems unlocking your phone with the methods outlined.

If you’d like to keep your current iOS and your iPhone is not Jailbroken you must backup your data using the usual back-up process with iTunes. After you’re backed up, perform a factory reset [Settings General Reset Erase All Content & Settings].

Important: Do not restore your data as you may be re-installing a corrupted file(s).

Important: A factory reset will remove any jailbreak you have installed.

After you’ve reset your iPhone repeat the unlocking process. Once successful you can restore your previous backup using iTunes.

Failure Issues

If you have failed to unlock your GSM iPhone 4 using either of the methods described there may be a fault at work.

  • Your SIM card may be too old
  • You damaged your SIM card
  • You iPhone files may be corrupted
  • Our product is defective

Before requesting support it is a good idea to get hold of a new (undamaged) SIM card. Experience has shown us that this resolves over half of all unlock problems.