R-Sim 9 Pro Instructions up to iOS 8+.

R-SIM 9 Pro instructions, user guide and video for GSM iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S unlock. This page will help you unlock your iPhone using the R-Sim 9 Pro SIM interposer.

R-Sim 9 Pro Video Overview.

fold-r-simGet unlocked in seconds! This R-Sim 9 Pro video covers how to unlock your iPhone 4S, 5, 5C & 5S up to iOS 8+ with or without the original sim card provider that your phone is locked to.

Important: Before you start please bend the edge of the R-Sim over as shown in the diagram to the right.

This often overlooked step can resolve many of the iPhone unlocking issues you might experience with the R-Sim 9 Pro. Please be careful when doing so.

Network providers supported.

Network providerUnlock fromUnlock to use
Orangetick icontick icon
EEtick icontick icon
Vodafonetick icontick icon
T-Mobiletick icontick icon
Three 3tick iconcross icon
O2tick iconcross icon
Age UK My Phonetick icontick icon
Airwave Smart Mobiletick icontick icon
Asda Mobiletick icontick icon
Auracall Travel Talktick icontick icon
Axis Telecomtick icontick icon
BT Mobiletick icontick icon
Chromebook 3G SIMtick icontick icon
Co-operative Mobiletick icontick icon
CTExcelbiztick icontick icon
Delight Mobiletick icontick icon
Dialog Vizztick icontick icon
Digital Phonetick icontick icon
Econet Mobiletick icontick icon
Family Mobiletick icontick icon
Gamma Telecomtick icontick icon
360Coms Telecomtick icontick icon
Go Mobiletick icontick icon
Giffgafftick iconcross icon
GT Mobiletick iconcross icon
HP Mobile Connecttick icontick icon
Kingdom Mobiletick icontick icon
Krisant Telecomtick icontick icon
Lebara Mobiletick icontick icon
LIFE Mobiletick icontick icon
Lomo Mobiletick icontick icon
LycaMobiletick iconcross icon
Matrix Cellulartick icontick icon
MTeltick icontick icon
Natterboxtick icontick icon
Mobile by Sainsbury'stick icontick icon
Shebangtick iconcross icon
Talk Home Mobiletick icontick icon
Talkmobiletick icontick icon
TalkTalk Mobiletick icontick icon
Tesco Mobiletick iconcross icon
The People's Operatortick icontick icon
The Phone Co-optick icontick icon
Truphonetick icontick icon
Telecom Plustick icontick icon
Globe UKtick icontick icon
Vectone Mobiletick icontick icon
Virgin Mobiletick icontick icon
WWF Wildlife Mobiletick iconcross icon
Now PAYGtick icontick icon

Simple Steps to Unlocking with the R-Sim iOS 8+.

fold-r-simImportant: Before you start please bend the edge of the R-Sim over as shown in the diagram to the right.

This often overlooked step can resolve many of the unlocking issues users might experience. Please be careful when doing so.

If you need to you can download the full R-Sim 9 Pro instructions below to print in a pdf format here – DOWNLOAD 2MB PDF

Method 1

Settings > Phone > SIM Application > (enter the 7 digits IMSI of your iPhone provider) > Reboot

Method 2

Settings > Phone > SIM Application > Select Provider > Reboot

How to With Screens.


1. Insert your SIM along with the unlock device and then select your model.


2. Then you need to select the provider that you are currently locked to.


3. Click accept, restart your iPhone and wait for the signal.


Step 1: Just Plug in the R-SIM™ 9 PRO with your SIM card.

Step 2: You will get a pop up smart menu interface.

Step 3: Just select the operator to which phone is locked.

Step 4: Follow 2 simple steps and restart the phone.

Enjoy using your iPhone. Detailed procedure will be provided along with the product.

Internet settings.

Step 1: Connect to the internet via WiFi

Step 2: Go to http://www.unlockit.co.nz/ in Safari

Step 3: Select custom APN and choose your carrier

Step 4: Click install for the custom APN and data should now work over 3G/Edge

R-Sim 9 Pro Troubleshooting Instructions.

Warning: The R-SIM™ 9 PRO will only unlock your iPhone if it is using iOS 7 and above. If you are using an iOS that is below iOS 7 you will need to update your iPhone before you proceed. Before using your R-SIM™ 9 PRO make sure your iPhone has been activated.

You may also need to download and install iRose. Just click on the link and follow the install steps: http://www.rsim5.com/nano4g/

The R-SIM™ 9 PRO functions as both an unlocking & activation device. If you’re unlocking an Phone 4S you will also need to use a nano sim card. A nano sim tray is included in the package.

Failure Issues.

If you have failed to unlock your GSM iPhone 4S, 5, 5C or 5S using any of the methods described there may be a fault at work.

  • Your SIM card may be too old
  • You damaged your SIM card
  • You iPhone files may be corrupted
  • The product is defective

Before requesting support it is a good idea to get hold of a new (undamaged) SIM card. Experience has shown us that this resolves over half of all unlock problems.