Unlock iPhone 4, 4S with the Gevey Ultra (S)

The Gevey Ultra & Ultra S can quickly unlock the iPhone 4, 4S

The Gevey Ultra S and its predecessor, the Ultra, are some of the most successful iPhone unlocking devices available on the international market. A Gevey Ultra S is a dedicated SIM interposer chip that will quickly and safely unlock iPhone 4S.

It’s younger brother the Ultra is a similarly dedicated unlocking device but this time to unlock iPhone 4 on early releases of Apple iOS. Having the ability to unlock almost any network right up to the latest iOS 7.1.2, the Gevey Ultra S is unmatched.

If you’re looking for a solid but cheap solution to unlocking your iPhone 4S the Gevey Ultra S is the best. The Ultra was revolutionary and caused a massive stir when it arrived. For a while companies thought it would replace the IMEI factory unlock.

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