In November, RGKNSE announced the release of the R-SIM 12. This incredible device is the latest in a long line of SIM Interposers and is capable of unlocking the iPhone 8, 8P & X. Additionally it can also unlock all other models of the Apple iPhone running iOS 11.1.2.

In a marked change of direction, RGKNSE designed the R-SIM 12 to exploit the ICCID unlocking loophole. This is the serial number of the SIM card. This engineering breakthrough warrants a huge amount of merit to the hackers and programmers who developed the new device.

The advanced R-Sim 12 can unlock the iPhone 8, 8P & iPhone X running iOS 11+

The advanced R-Sim 12 can unlock the iPhone 8, 8P & iPhone X running iOS 11+

Significant improvements to the latest R-Sim 12.

There are a whole list of improvements to the R-SIM 12. Below are the main changes.

  • Newly developed Infineon 309 chip.
  • Newly developed ICCID SIM serial based unlock mode.
  • Simple unlock procedure for 4G net running  iOS 11 on the iPhone 8, 8P & X.
  • Immediately available default signal once interposer has been inserted.

The newly developed Infineon 309 chip is a 32k large capacity battery-saving chip. Features include the ability to deliver a stable signal and is much more secure. Additionally the Infineon 309 supports smarter updating and much higher performance speed.

VIDEO: How to unlock your iPhone 8, 8P & X Using the R-SIM 12.

What are the benefits of choosing an R-SIM 12 over an IMEI unlock?

For many people the R-SIM range has been a lifesaver. It has enabled thousands of iPhone users to get unlocked and using the network they want in double quick time. Most notably, this advanced little smart card is up to 10 times cheaper than an iPhone IMEI factory unlock. Also, it can be taken out and used in another iPhone if you have sold your current handset.

The low retail cost, speed to get unlocked and simplicity of use combine to make this a much more attractive option for many customers. Consequently, NetPal have sold thousands of these devices to customers in the UK and throughout Europe.

Additionally, the upgrade features mean that one Apple update their iOS it is possible to update the chip firmware. In conclusion, if you’re looking to buy the R-SIM 12 and unlock your iPhone 8, 8P, X we will have them in stock over the coming weeks.